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Collidor Connections – Footprints on the Moon

Connections article written by Sarah Trick for the story “Footprints on the Moon” by Preston Dennett in the Collidor Stream Collection. Preston Dennett’s “Footprints,” an enjoyable far-future novelette, has the feel of old-school retrofuturism. It’s set on a moon colony,

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Interview – Preston Dennett

Interview with Preston Dennett, author of Collidor story “Footprints on the Moon“. Where did the inspiration come from for “Footprints on the Moon”? I have always been fascinated by the moon, and have written about it before, both fiction and

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Collidor – Footprints on the Moon

“Footprints on the Moon” by Preston Dennett is the ninth story in the Collidor stream series. Below is an excerpt from the story; the full story is available as an ebook here. The full anthology is available here. “Did you

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