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Collidor Connections – Dancers and Divas

Connections article written by Sarah Trick for the story “Dancers and Divas” by Ron-Tyler Budhram in the Collidor Stream Collection. One of the things I’ve been thinking about, when hearing about this publisher’s mission to promote optimistic science fiction, is

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Interview – Ron-Tyler Budhram

Interview with Ron-Tyler Budhram, author of Collidor story “Dancers and Divas“. Your story “Dancers and Divas” deals with the sensitive and emotional topic of STDs and the hope of finding cures. Do you believe that we are close to a

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Collidor – Dancers and Divas

“Dancers and Divas” by Ron-Tyler Budhram is the seventh story in the Collidor stream series. Below is a sample excerpt from the story; the full story is available here. The full anthology is available here. Miguel bowed down to all

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