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Collidor Connections – Eternity Unknown

Connections article written by Sarah Trick for the story “Eternity Unknown” by Cameron Hyndman in the Collidor Stream Collection. Everyone has tropes in stories that they will read no matter what. No matter the execution, if a story includes these

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Interview – Cameron Hyndman

Interview with Cameron Hyndman, author of Collidor story “Eternity Unknown“. Where did you draw your inspiration for “Eternity Unknown”? Eternity Unknown was originally written for an anthology, which it did not get a place in. The theme of the anthology

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Collidor – Eternity Unknown

“Eternity Unknown” by Cameron Hyndman is the tenth story in the Collidor stream series. Below is an excerpt from the story; the full story is available as an ebook here. The full anthology is available here. Eternity was a long

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