Sean Benham

Sean Benham is a fresh, strange voice. Unafraid to delve into subjects other authors would happily pass up, his work trends towards the bizarre while remaining deeply personal. He has a knack for creating alternate worlds that mirror our own in the most unfortunate ways, as well as the memorable characters that inhabit them. His work is grim but hopeful, thought-provoking and funny. It’s usually a little bit gross, too.

His debut novel, White American, was released in 2016 and its follow up, Bastard Son, will hit store shelves in summer 2017. His fiction shorts have appeared in a number of print publications and online anthologies.

When he’s not writing, Sean Benham is an entertainment industry professional who has worked as an art director, graphic animator, writer and producer on everything from Emmy award-winning children’s television programming to heavy metal music videos. He lives with his wife in Toronto.

Works Contributed