Ron-Tyler Budhram

Ron-Tyler Budhram grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, graduating with Distinction and an English degree from the University of Kansas. There he was awarded first place in short science fiction for a story about life, death, and squirrels and second place in technical writing for a document detailing new methods in HIV testing.  He also volunteered at KC Care, a private non-profit clinic where he administered HIV tests and counseling to people in need of these services.  Then he met his partner from the Caribbean, online. They both moved to Rochester, NY with their dog, and now they’re all preparing for another short-term move to the Dominican Republic.

“Dancers and Divas” is his first published story. It brings to life one of many of his ideas that include themes relating to homosexuality, HIV, and the stigma that still accompanies both.

When he’s not writing fiction, Ron-Tyler Budhram is Editor at, where his monthly column The Nerd Chord breaks down those fandoms of film, TV, anime, and video games that—well—always seem to strike a chord. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @RTBudhram!

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