Jeff Doten

Jeff Doten has been drawing, painting and sculpting things since he arrived on the planet. So far he has been unable to stop. He studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design as well as Mount Royal University. He is the creator of the illustrated sword-and-planet collection Strange Worlds.

Back in the early 2000s, Jeff did sample covers for Throne Price (the first book of the Okal Rel Saga to see print, but Part 4 of the 10-novel series … we know, it’s complicated). After the series’ run with Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy finished, in 2013, Lynda and Jeff found each other via the draft pieces Jeff put up on his website. They met in Calgary, after a Con-ventions, and Jeff agreed to be a house artist for Reality Skimming Press. In 2014 he did cover art and a series of promotional studies for Okal Rel Legacies title Shepards of Sparrows by Hal J. Friesen.

Jeff has also done artwork for Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy, ERBville Press, Goodman Games, On Spec Magazine, Padwolf Books, Praeger Publishers, Strange Horizons Magazine and Wesleyan Press; and served as staff illustrator for the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. Visit him online at

Works Contributed