Holy War

Alivda must win twice:

Alivda must win twice to conquer and the space war might be the easiest…

An entire world is at stake in the battle to hold off a rogue Nesak attack on Barmi II.

Quinn, the mysterious Lorel, has the knowledge to save lives, including Horth’s and Amel’s, but it’s unclear whether he can be trusted in light of disturbing discoveries on Gelion. Samanda struggles to adjust to her new status as Amel’s wife, despite Eler’s mockery about her sexual innocence.

Alivda takes the war to SanHome where she has a chance to lead the pacifist alliance to victory by the sword —If she can first win the right to duel, on a world where only men have status under sword law.

And in the shocking conclusion, much depends on how Nesak priest Herver Glorian breaks the news to the Nesaks that more than just highborns have souls.