Family Magic


Ten-year-old Charlotte and eight-year-old Eileen are sisters who discover that when emotions run high, magical disasters break out in their house. Their older sister wants them to clean up their dishes, so dirty dishes chase them everywhere they go. Their mother wants them to brush their hair, so their tangled hair vanishes from their scalps. When they learn that books can teach any hard-working kid magic, they stop running from spells and start casting their own. Who knew that different languages could be magic words? Or that toothpaste and crow feathers are important in potions? There are even members of the family who have naturally magic spit!

The Family Magic series gets its inspiration from Jennifer Lott‘s childhood family, and all the everyday conflicts she wished could be solved by magic. When she was sixteen years old, a fight with one of her little sisters sparked her first story. Since being published, Jennifer has talked to a lot of children with annoying siblings of their own.

Books in the Family Magic series:

  • Cursed Dishes
  • Hexed Hair
  • Spit Test