Craig Bowlsby

Craig’s experience in sword-fighting prompted Lynda Williams to use his knowledge for some of the fight scenes in Lynda’s Okal-Rel novels. (Craig was five-times Western Canadian foil champion, among other accomplishments.) Craig developed a fondness for Lynda’s talented but taciturn character Horth Nersal, and Horth became the central character in Craig’s Okal Rel novella, called Horth in Killing Reach. A sequel to that novella is scheduled for publication.

A short story about Horth at the age of four, called The Number Three Blade, was written by Craig for the Okal Rel anthology 2.

Craig’s written work is varied, including a comedy science fiction pilot called Commander’s Log, produced by him and shown on the Space Channel, and three hockey history books: The Knights of Winter (on early B.C. hockey); Empire of Ice, The Rise and Fall of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association from 1911-1926; and 1913—The Year They Invented the Future of Hockey. The last two titles won Craig the 2014 Brian McFarlane Award for hockey writing by the Society for International Hockey Research.

Craig has also written hockey articles for the Vancouver Province, the Seattle Times, The Hockey News, etc.

Although Craig has a fondness for action-oriented science-fiction of the future, his upcoming projects are centered on historical subjects, including a novel set in Vancouver in 1917, involving murder and sabotage in a world war one backdrop.

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