Collidor Stream Collection 2016

Back in 2014 Lynda Williams, author of the Okal Rel Saga and publisher at Reality Skimming Press, agreed to act as editor for Ray Taylor’s Collidor project. When the web-based project was put on hold, Lynda asked Ray’s permission to follow through with some of the authors for a project with Reality Skimming Press.

Collidor is trade-marked by Ray Taylor for his long-term goals. Ray graciously agreed to loan it to Reality Skimming Press for this special, one-time use.

Lynda’s objective for the Collidor Project with Reality Skimming Press is to experiment with new era publishing via interactive anthologies. The anthology started as a blog run of stories, art, commentaries and interviews which the authors and readers are encouraged to comment on. This experiment with reader experience input concludes with the print anthology including the stories and their commentaries.

The stories were edited by Jennifer Lott and Ellen Michelle Koehler, Managing Editor for Reality Skimming Press. Journalist Sarah Trick wrote a reaction article for each story, except for one article provided by Ellen Michelle Koehler. Art for the stories is by Reality Skimming Press House Artist, Jeff Doten. Interviews with the authors about their stories were conducted by Christel Bodenbender and Ellen Michelle Koehler and are available on the Reality Skimming Press blog at

Reality Skimming Press is committed to writing and reading as a creative affair rooted in a meeting of minds: in print, on the web, and even across time—wherever readers and writers collide.