Alex Mcgilvery

Alex McGilvery is an author living in Flin Flon, Manitoba with his wife, Alex, and three dogs. He has been an avid reader all his life and has a couple of novels he wrote in his early teens to pull out whenever he needs to feel humble. He has been writing short stories and poetry ever since.

His first published book started as a Christmas present and took twenty years to complete. Now he writes a novel every year through NaNoWriMo and another with the 3Day Novel contest, then spends the rest of the year editing his and other people’s work. He also writes reviews, specializing in indie authors, and works on short stories for contests.

A great deal of his short work is available for free on sites like Wattpad and, where he has stories in every genre from romance to horror and a few that defy classification.

He has now published five books – most recently Sparkles and Blood a collection of horror novellas. He has edited an anthology along with the Flin Flon Writers Guild and continues to be active in the Guild. No opportunity for critique should be wasted and the only thing Alex likes more than a good compliment is a solid critical comment on his writing.

In order to pay for his writing habit Alex works full time as a minister in the United Church of Canada. Some of his parishioners wonder at the occasionally dark and twisted nature of his writing.

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