Righteous Anger


  • Author: Lynda Williams
  • Pages: 308
  • 2nd edition published: 2017
  • 2nd edition cover art: Yukari Yamamoto
  • Available on Amazon

Righteous Anger is about Horth Nersal — the child of a marriage between enemies undertaken to end a war. The fighting did stop but the war of ideology continued with sometimes lethfal results for loved ones on both sides. Horth, a gifted warrior in space and on the challenge floor, where his culture settles differences among themselves, struggles against a language impairment to navigate the moral and martial currents of his upbringing. At the crucial hour, he will make a painful choice—the results of which the future of nations will depend.”—Lynda Williams in response to the question, “What is Righteous Anger about?”

The amazing world of the Okal Rel Universe is an SF phenomenon that is spreading throughout North America and the world. Created by author Lynda Williams, the universe has become much more than a place to host a series of books; it has become a subculture where “Friends outside of the Okal Rel Universe” have begun to embrace Lynda’s characters and concepts.

Righteous Anger is the long awaited second novel in this saga. It follows The Courtesan Prince (Book One in the series) and expands the reader’s understanding of the highly intricate worlds where Reetions and Sevolites rule.