• Author: Lynda Williams
  • Pages: 304
  • 2nd edition to be published: 2017
  • 2nd edition cover art: Yukari Yamamoto
  • Available on Amazon

Back from exile to claim the throne of Sevildom, Ev’rel must play the frail princess with the Demish to claim power as she is tempted by her feelings for her ex-mentor Di Mon.

But does she love him or hate him? Disillusioned by Ev’rel’s warped sexuality, but desperate to secure her as a leader, Di Mon is terrified she will discover the equally forbidden bond between himself and the young forbidden Reetion, Ranar.

An unwilling contender for the throne, Ev’rel’s beautiful, battered son Amel longs for friendship with tom-boy Ayrium, who has been sent to court to put down her sword and don a dress to win court allies for her rebel alliance.

Ayrium meets a peculiar, reclusive scholar from Monitum and worries romance will distract her from her true agenda. Will her inconvenient love interest change everything for everyone?