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“Lines of Fire” by Hal J. Friesen is the fifth story in the Megan Survival Anthology. Below is a review for the story. The full story is available as an ebook here. The print anthology is available here.

It’s hard to know how you will react in a crisis until you are faced with a crisis. Would you stay calm and cool and be able to give life-saving directions, even to your enemies? Would you become greedy, taking additional supplies for yourself? Or, would you panic and suddenly become incapable of doing anything but screaming or crying?

However you would react in a crisis, there is a character in Hal J. Friesen’s story “Lines of Fire” that does the same.

Friesen’s story begins much like previous Megan Survival Anthology stories: with an outsider. Hanako is ostracized by the colony leader for several reasons, and, therefore, she is ostracized by the entire community.

It didn’t help that a power-hungry narcissist named Baki Tadeas led the colony and subtly encouraged Hanako’s rejection from it.

Whatever a leader’s opinion is of their individual followers, their job is to protect the colony. And, no matter how alienated an individual feels, the human instinct of survival and adrenaline can kick in to help a fellow human in need.

How awful it must be to be saved by the person you least respected.

When it came time to step up and save the day was it the narcissist leader who saved the one he ostracized? or, the ostracized girl with nothing to gain by saving the one who alienated her?

You’ll have to read on to find out.

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