Megan – Bota and the Swarm

“Bota and the Swarm” by Craig Bowlsby is the sixth and final story in the Megan Survival Anthology. Below is a review for the story. The full story is available as an ebook here. The print anthology is available here.

Most of the stories in the Megan Survival Anthology have adopted the theme of outsider, but Craig Bowlsby takes that theme to a new level in his story “Bota and the Swarm”—the story features only one character who has to fight for his life on his own.

Bota is part of a colony on Mega, but he has undertaken a solo mission to find ground water sources and to build outposts to serve as temporary shelter for others who take on the same mission, or other travelling missions, later on.

The biggest threat to Bota, and to the colony in general, is a swarm of a deadly Megan creature—a creature with no Earth equivalent.

He knew little about the creatures, only that they were small, individual organisms that banded together to form a large sheet of flesh around their victims.

Once attacked by a swarm, there is not much one can do to save himself. Many of the colony have already been victim to these creatures, and they have been deemed the most dangerous creature on the planet.

He couldn’t live with the swarm, so he had to defeat it… It seemed crazy to take the offensive, but it was the one thing that might work.

Does Bota stand a chance against the flesh eating Longuaie? Does he return to the colony a hero, or is his body devoured and never seen again, leaving the colonists to guess his fate?

You’ll have to read on to find out.

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