Megan – A Crash Course in Making Friends

“A Crash Course in Making Friends” by Elisha Betts is the fourth story in the Megan Survival Anthology. Below is a review for the story. The full story is available as an ebook here. The print anthology is available here.

The first three stories of the Megan Survival Anthology have focused mostly on the human characters of the story. The fourth story in the series, “A Crash Course in Making Friends” by Elisha Betts, takes a different approach: she focuses on the creatures of Mega.

Human characters are still present, of course, and trying to survive on their new home planet; however, a lot of care is taken to describe the unusual creatures the main character Laine comes across.

Slightly larger than a rooster, they had strange calls that sounded a bit like over-enthusiastic gargling complete with choking, and they reminded Laine of the pictures she had seen as a child of feathered dinosaurs.

These creatures may appear to be relatively harmless to humans, but not all creatures are…

One particularly terrifying breed had six legs and too many teeth in their reptilian-reminiscent faces. No one wanted to get tangled up with a creature with that charming physique that ate anything smaller than it, and weighing an easy 600-pounds didn’t leave many animals on the planet bigger than it.

Does the terrifying six-legged creature make a large meal of the colonists? Or, does it have its last meal before the colonists make a meal of it?

You’ll have to read on to find out.

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