Interview – Elisha Betts

Interview with Elisha Betts, author of “A Crash Course in Making Friends” in the Megan Survival Anthology.

Your story showcases the relationship between human and animal through the developing relationship of Laine and a native Megan creature. What do you believe is important about humans maintaining relationships with animals?

I think animals add something to the lives of humans that other humans can’t. When an animal trusts you, it has nothing to do with what you’ve said and everything to do with how you act and who you are.

What or who was your inspiration for Laine?

Laine was partly inspired by myself, or rather what my parents had always joked I would be like if I had grown up on a farm.

What did you find appealing about the avian creatures?

The extra beaks were really what drew me to them. It sounded alien but fascinating.

In addition to being a writer, you are an artist. How different is your process of creation between artwork and writing?

Writing has a lot more give and take. I’ll spend hours thinking about ideas and vague concepts until I get a lightbulb moment and then have a concentrated period of productive writing. When I do art, I usually have an idea and then just start working on it.

You’ve written fan fiction before. Was the process of writing for this anthology different than your other fan fiction work because of the possibility it would appear in print?

Definitely. Most fan fiction I’ve written was for pure fun so I rarely spent any time editing it, if I did at all. The possibility of being in print meant that Laine’s story and character went through a lot of revisions.

Reality Skimming Press brands itself as optimistic sci-fi. What does that phrase mean to you?

It means seeing the hope in the future, and believing that there were still be good things even in an unrecognizable world.


What projects are you currently working on?


I’m currently working on a short story for another anthology, and slowly chipping away at a novel. Far too many art projects to list!

Ellen Michelle is the managing editor for Reality Skimming Press. She is also a freelance editor at and volunteers in the editing and science fiction communities in western Canada.

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