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Have you ever found a SciFi story that was uplifting?

A story that made you feel good and inspired you?

It broke away from the doom and gloom that you were so accustomed to…

And replaced it with optimism.

That was the moment when you realized SciFi could be uplifting.

It could be happy and optimistic.

You don’t want to dwell on the bad stuff all the time…

No. You want to root for the good guys, argue for solutions, and enjoy those happy moments.

Hi, I’m Lynda and I created Reality Skimming Press to connect with people just like you.

An Era of Optimistic SciFi.

When I set out to write my ten novel series I wanted to inspire good feelings in readers.

That is why I'm here, to invite you to join our community.

Our community of Optimistic SciFi fans from around the globe.

When you join you will be a part of something big.

A movement within the SciFi genre, moving us into a new frontier of optimism.

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Lynda Williams

Creator of the Okal Rel Universe, Lynda Williams believes we learn wisdom through engagement in fiction. And that's why it's all the more important to tell stories that comfort and inspire as well as entertain.

"Fly for your own reasons" is her motto for creative people daunted by the indifference in the world. But you can also take flight with her press as an engaged reader, supporter, and even contributor as Reality Skimming Press evolves. Get to know us and be part of the journey in 2017.